Our CE Dura AR111 12W LED lamp with matching driver is an ideal match for CE Lighting’s LED AR111 recessed downlighter family ; providing first class illumination solution for bars, restaurants and shops requiring high lumen output throughout. This is a unique, stylish and modern LED lamp with beautiful design, which will enhance your ceiling space.

The CE Dura AR111 12W LED lamp is a very efficient LED retrofit for low voltage AR111 (12V) halogen lamps, offering huge energy savings. Simple retrofit replacement of most low voltage halogen lamps (12V). ONLY AVAILABLE IN SET WITH MATCHING DRIVER

Delivering  halogen-like accent beam at the fraction of the running cost, CE AR111 11W LED lamp is an ideal retrofit solution for spot and general lighting applications in the hospitality and retail industry.  It is exceptionally energy-efficient and suitable for general lighting where the light is on all the time, such as creative accent lighting applications in shops, restaurants, hotels, and especially for galleries, exhibitions and museums.

CE Dura AR111 12W LED lamp with matching driver

CE Dura AR111 12W LED lamp with matching driver

  • Unique design of the heat sink: improves the efficiency of heat dissipation.
  • The size of this lamp is exactly that of halogen lamps and therefore it can be easily used in the same appliances.
  • Lightness is an important feature of this product: ideal for use on any type of ceiling or fitting
  • Professional Directional Lighting: ideal for use in shops and in environments where accent lighting is required.
CE Dura AR111 12W LED lamp with matching driver – CE Lighting Limited

CE Dura AR111 12W LED lamp with matching driver – CE Lighting Limited

  • Base: G53
  • Operating voltage 12V DC/AC 50Hz.
  • High Power EDISON LEDs.
  • 730 Lumen
  • 6000K Cool White
  • Ra>80
  • Axis cd 3650
  • Angle 2 x 12°
  • PF (AC) 0.6
  • Lifetime > 15 000 h
  • Lamp dimensions Ø 111mm, L 57mm
  • Driver’s dimensions 50 x 35 x 154 mm.
  • Fuse for mains protection.
  • Working position: universal.
  • USAGE INFORMATION Do not use with dimmers. Only use with its own driver.