Our DMX RGB Digi 1024 Controller is a universal lighting controller for control of RGB LED, moving heads, scanners, dimmers, smoke machines and all type of dmx receiver product, and is able to control 1024 channels using DMX 512 protocol. 1024 Unit by 48 channels, USB port, VGA port, and Pen drive as memory card.

Thanks to the configurable and numerous sliders and buttons, it is easy to program and can be fast prepare for the show. All by user configurable data such as program, fixture library, DMX addresses, etc. can be saved even to pendrive or directly to PC via USB connection.

 Main parameters

  • Controllable unit numbers: 1024 pcs any kind of DMX unit
  • Channel capacity: 1024 channels
  • Parallel program running: 12 pcs,
  • Programs: 120 pcs, each with 99 scene
  • Built in shapes: 8 pcs, circle, eight, triangle, square, zig-zag, sinus, x,
  • Soft channels: 1024 pcs :  512 for 16bit  or/and 1024 for 8bit
  • USB: PC connection and pendrive
  • Software update: yes, via PC
  • Configurable user interface: 24 function buttons, 24 function sliders
  • Extras: BPM tact control, built-in microphone, changeable DMX refresh rate

User interface

  • Display: 128×64 graphic, with LED backlight
  • Push buttons: 108 pcs, 12 event selection, 24 programmable, 12 effect section, 12 numeric keyboard, 20 function selection
  • Sliders: 39 pcs, 12 register, 24 programmable, 2 theater mode, 1 master
  • Jog wheel: 4 pcs, rotation free, endless, 96 step/rotate resolution
  • Housing: Metal, high quality painting and layout design


  • Power: 230V AC
  • Voice input: line, jack 6,3
  • Monitor: 1280×1024, 56,3Hz (for TFT or CRT monitor)
  • Keyboard: PS2
  • Mouse: PS2
  • PC Contact: USB
  • Extern memory: USB pendrive, any kind of USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 compatible, till 2Gb capacity, by FAT16 file format
  • DMX Output: DMX-512A, 2 x 3 pole + 2 x 5 pole


  • Including: Power supply, user manual
  • Optional: Aluminium case, Monitor, Pendrive, Keyboard, Mouse, Lamp
  • Complementary products: DMX Monitor, RDM-es PC-DMX Interface


  • Dimension: 570x 330 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 6,6 Kg
  • Packing: 5 layer karton box, 30mm polyester, airfilled nylon